Az Sts and other tissues and organs digital mammogram – stanford's all-digital mammogram creates a digital image that can be manipulated in ways that improve resolution and contrast. viagra canada The clearer image improves interpretation, making it easier to view dense breast tissue and small tumors, and often eliminates the need for additional follow-up imaging. viagra online without prescription Breast mri – mri is particularly good for detecting very small tumors and can be used to clarify the size and extent of the lesion after a suspicious area has been detected by mammogram or ultrasound. purchase generic viagra online Mri can help determine whether the cancer has spread further in the breast or into the chest wall. Mri is also especially useful for detecting tumors in women with breast implants (which can interfere with mammogram rays), and in women with dense breast tissue. buy cheap viagra It is also particularly helpful in women with hereditary susceptibility to breast cancer, as it can be used in women at a younger age when such hereditary tumors often occur, better visualizes potential lesions in younger women who normally have denser tissue that impact mammography, and is safer in that it does not involve radiation. Additional tests (used infrequently in women who present with early-stage breast cancer): pet ( positron emission tomography) scan – a type of nuclear scan that monitors the biochemical functioning of cells by detecting how they process certain compounds, such as glucose (sugar). viagra dosage for women Cancer cells metabolize glucose at a much higher level than normal tissues. Bone scan – a nuclear scanning test that identifies new areas of bone growth or breakdown. Ct (or cat) scan – a noninvasive procedure that takes cross-sectional images of internal organs; to detect any abnormalities that may not show up on an ordinary x-ray. Biopsy:  a procedure in which a radiologist or surgeon takes a tissue sample from a breast abnormality. can you split viagra pills in half The tissue sample is then sent to a pathologist for a detailed analysis. viagra dosage for older men Fine needle aspiration biopsy – a very thin needle is placed into the lump or suspicious area to remove a small sample of fluid and/or tissue. viagra dosage for women No incision is necessary. is viagra good after expiration date A fine needle aspiration biopsy may be performed to help to differentiate a cyst from a lump, and is an excellent early warning tool for potentially suspicious lesions. generic viagra for sale in usa Core needle biopsy – a coring needle, usually 2 mm in width, is guided into a lu. generic viagra Európai Kulturális Alapítvány, Budapest alapítványt 1998-ban hozta létre Ferge Zsuzsa szociológus és Konrád György író.

The European Cultural Foundation Budapest as an NGO private foundation was founded by Zsuzsa Ferge sociologist and György Konrád writer in 1998.

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